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2021-01-18 News |
Our Questions for Seceretary of Defense Nominee Lloyd Austin

As ret. four-star General Lloyd Austin prepares for his Senate confirmation hearing, we have questions about what he will do to bring our troops home from these endless wars in the Middle East.

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2021-01-15 News |
President Trump Completes Partial Drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan

Fewer U.S. soldiers are in Afghanistan right now than at any other time of the war. But even one servicemember's continued involvement in this endless occupation is too many.

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2021-01-14 News |
POLL: Majority of Veterans Say 'Bring Our Troops Home'

A new poll conducted by YouGov and our friends at Concerned Veterans for America continues to demonstrate that a majority of America's veterans want to bring our troops home from the endless wars in the Middle East.

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2021-01-13 News |
Joe Biden Must Not Double Down on Failed Forever Wars

Two decades, four presidents, thousands dead, and trillions spent. That is the summary of America's endless wars in the Middle East. Nick Turse of The Nation demands that Joe Biden bring our troops home.

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2021-01-13 News |
WATCH: Afghan War Becomes Generational as Children of Veterans Enlist

The war in Afghanistan has truly become generational, with sons joining their fathers in combat on the other side of the world. This is the result of ever changing goal posts and a Congress that is not held accountable.

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2021-01-11 News |
RELEASE: Rep. Cori Bush Pledges to Protect Congressional War Powers

BringOurTroopsHome.US praises Rep. Cori Bush of St. Louis, Missouri for signing our Congressional War Powers Protection Pledge during her fall campaign.

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2021-01-05 News |
Bring Our Loved Ones Home

A military-spouse writes about the heartache and other consequences of family separation that comes from fighting forever wars.

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2021-01-04 News |
Delegate Pat McGeehan to Reintroduce 'Defend the Guard' in West Virginia

For the seventh consecutive year, Del. Pat McGeehan (R-WV) will introduce the 'Defend the Guard' legislation, and it has a better chance than ever of passing.

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2021-01-01 News |
Stop Asking the Impossible of America's Soldiers

This article, orginally written for Memorial Day 2019, captures the spirit and intention of our organization: veterans ensuring that fewer Americans are sent to fight in the endless, constitutional wars that they participated in.

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2020-12-30 News |
How We're Defending Oklahoma's National Guard

Read an update from the Tenth Amendment Center about the introduction of 'Defend the Guard' legislation in Oklahoma, and why this states-focused strategy is the best way to bring our troops home.